2017 Roadside Families

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Photographing photographer’s families and inspiring volunteerism

It seems to be countless how many family portraits that a photographer might capture during his career. And although they will shoot hundreds if not thousands of images of their own children and spouses, they rarely take the time to get into the photograph themselves for a real family portrait of their own. Being a photographer and stopping for a professional family portrait of your own is just one of those things that is too easy to procrastinate. “The cobbler’s son”.  The Roadside Families project was created specifically to adjust this paradigm as well as inspire a little bit of volunteerism throughout our industry.  The project is simple, we will be touring around the continental United States and photographing photographer’s families and providing them with a physical print that they can hang on their wall thanks to our friends at Simply Color Lab. The only requirement for the photographer to participate is their willingness to “pay it forward” with the same three promises: Photograph a photographer willing to pay it forward, provide a wall print and volunteer  a few hours of time or donate their services to a worthwhile cause in their community